Day 8: Mad Dog Café, Wednesday Morning

Here’s another line drawing from when I was at Mad Dog Café on Wednesday.

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Day 7: Tabasco and Dried Herbs

Here’s a line drawing based on a photo I took of the window just above the sink at the hostel I stayed at in Kyoto, just over a year ago.


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Day 6: Into the Woods!

Started this one while working at cash desk during a particularly slow part of the day, and added in the fine details when I got home. It’s about the size of a baseball trading card, but hopefully it leads somewhere much, much bigger than that…

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Day 5: Hills Beneath Uncanny Light

I’ve recently discovered the black paper sketchbook, and I’m really liking it…

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Day 4: Old Pablo

This is Old Pablo. I drew him on some receipt paper while at work. He’s from Chile. He gets irritated because people say, “Oh, just like Pablo Neruda.” He tells them there can be more than one Pablo from Chile. He hates Neruda’s poetry, although it may have something to do with always living in the more famous Pablo’s shadow, rather than the quality of the poetry itself.

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Day 3: Moody Fruit

I recently bought a set of cheap oil pastels, so I wanted to give them a go. What kind of artist would I be if I did not try to draw apples?

This is my first still life of a fruit with pastel since, oh, probably junior high or even elementary school. Very dramatic. See how it broods under a red light, looking out at the sombre grey landscape. Or is it contemplating its shadow? Which way is the front of an apple? Or does it see in all directions?

I was happier with the value on these ones, though I tried to smudge the black on the lower one and just ended up scraping up all the pastel off the paper. So now it looks like it’s suffered some cigarette burns or something. And it’s surrounded by a very dark aura. These are very moody fruit, indeed.

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Day 2: Rock Garden at Kennin-ji

I thought I’d include the photo I took as a reference point for today’s sketch. You’ll notice I omitted the tourists walking about in the background. They were, um, messing with the composition…

Here’s the photo today’s sketch is based on.

Rock Garden at Kennin-ji. Makes me wonder: Am I in somebody else’s photograph taken within this temple? And if so, are they using that photo as a sketch, and are they omitting me??

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